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Is Refund Consulting legal?

Refund consulting (e.g. telling people that you can help them to locate lost or unclaimed money or property, in return for a fee or a percentage of the money claimed) is, as far as I'm aware, ...
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Intra-EU freelancer / contractor invoicing rules (taxes)

I used to do the same thing (Part-time employed in country A, as well as self-employed invoicing other clients in country B in a different currency), so I'll tell you what I did. Create a self-...
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Invoicing Dutch clients from my Tennessee LLC

I've contacted a TN accounting firm, here's what they said: "You can put 0% tax rate on your invoice if you like, but the main thing is that the invoice should clearly show that it is an out-of-...
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Working as a self employed in US for a EU client

From EU perspective it works like this: If you buy goods for the purposes of your business from a supplier based outside the EU, you must generally pay VAT at the point of import (and may deduct ...
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Which non-immigrant visa is required to work as a freelancer from the EU in the USA?

First of all, the ultimate source to consult is the US embassy (or its nearest consulate) in your country - mostly its web page, since embassies rarely engage in lengthy and abstract discussions over ...
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EU citizen, residing in Africa, working for Israeli company. Where to pay tax?

You pay taxes where you are declaring the money. I'll use random values here to exemplify things. Let's say you are from Ireland and you are in South Africa. Are you getting money as an individual or ...
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Tax handling between Johnson City, TN and the EU

In most US states, the only tax that might be assessed would be a "sales tax". (I am not in Tennessee. I am not a tax attorney or tax accountant.) For me to collect the tax on an invoice ...
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UK self-employed, not VAT payee, EU client wants EU VAT number

The way I understand it VAT number in EU serves as EU-wide tax id. There is a VAT number database where you can check the validity of counter party VAT number. In Czechia you are required by law to ...
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Non-EU citizen in Germany under student visa - how much work can I take?

In Germany you would need to be at least a self-employee. Go to your local city hall and tell them you want to register a business. The procedure is pretty straight forward - It just takes a couple of ...
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UK resident freelancing for EU clients -- do I need to send a certificate of UK residence every time I invoice a client?

You should have a EU-VAT number. This number should be on any invoice. Your clients can check its validity Here: IF you do not have such a number, get one ...
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