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Questions concerning contracts between a freelancer, agent and a client.
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should be used for questions about freelancing problems that involve freelancing websites like oDesk, eLance, etc. For software support questions, see that vendor's customer support page. Do …
× 160
A tag for legal issues surrounding freelance work, such as tax or company incorporation. Questions with this tag *must* follow the "Back it up" rule.
× 154
the statements by a business about *"when"* and *"how"* it should be paid for goods or services that it has supplied.
× 126
sometimes hard to work with, don't understand the technologies they are working with, or aren't very punctual with paying the freelancers they employ. Use this tag for dealings with cli…
× 125
For questions concerning taxes taken by a local council or government entity.
× 119
For questions about strategies or advice on how to attract potential clients.
× 101
Refers to the rate at which a freelancer or contractor is paid.
× 80
For questions about invoices and invoicing.
× 78
Questions related to the price or value of goods and services, regardless of whether given or received.
× 75
for situations where the regular base of operations is at the worker's home, and the related issues (logistics with family, home office tax write-offs, etc). For remote work questions tha…
× 75
Location-specific questions about freelance business in United Kingdom
× 70
the practice of providing expert/professional advice on a given topic
× 65
the act of trying to reach an agreement or compromise by means of dialog and/or discussion with others.
× 57
Location-specific questions about freelance business in United States
× 55
unique to or typical for programmers.
× 51
A collection of highlighted works that a person has completed throughout his or her career.
× 50
the planning and organization of an organization's resources in order to move a specific task, event or duty toward completion.
× 48
should refer to how to market yourself/company to the general public
× 46
Questions about managing schedules, timeframes and project deadlines in freelance work.
× 46
for questions about working on contracts remotely. This could be from a co-working space, or another country. For home office questions, see the working-from-home tag.
× 45
the realization of a concept or idea into a configuration, drawing, model, pattern, plan or specification.
× 41
for questions about contracts where the invoiced value is based on the number of hours worked.
× 40
A list of overarching goals for a company, along with an outline of how the company plans to accomplish those goals.
× 37
related to methods and advice on how to deal with late payments.
× 36
a rough calculation of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something. For freelancing, this may relate to time estimation (how long a task will take to be completed) or cost est…
× 35
for any questions about contracts that have a fixed value or fixed cost associated with them.
× 32
Questions about evaluating new clients and their reliability when working as freelancer.