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This question assumes that the banks are independent actors. In most countries, banks are private institutions that act as agents for the government in helping to manage the money supply and flow. For this reason, the government stands behind the currency and props up the banking system. So, your question is really "which is better, a government backed ...


Maybe my answer can help you especially involving the blockchain technology and working freelance. I wrote a answer about the use of blockchain technology for freelance work and how this could help for avoid internet scams using multi-signature wallet or maybe some crypto a good smart contrack: Escrow System Alternatives or a Smart Contract For Working ...


If we are talking about community benefits, I believe that crypto in blockchain is better than the bank. I frequently use internet transactions and it cost me a lot of money and I need advanced technology to help save more money and time. Blockchain won’t kill banks, because it is a technology that anyone can use and integrate into the product for advantage.


I still believe that the banking system is safe and I will continue to use it. In general, most bank users rarely lose money. While blockchain sounds more effective for transactions as it can reduce costs and transaction time, there are still many hackers trying to challenge themselves by attacking the money stored on the blockchain platform. Besides, ...

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