I'm german but living since 3 years in the Philippines. I work currently for a local company and have a working visa. Now I got a offer from a german company to work remote as a freelancer for them as a Software Engineer. They ask me if I can do any freelancer or business registration. I researched this but can't find a answer how to handle this. As soon as I don't work any more with the Philippine company I would have only a tourist visa so I'm not sure if I could register as freelancer here. Also when I checked the German law it seems to me if I don't have a residency in Germany and I already unregistered myself, then I have to follow the countries law where I am, not the German one.

Any advice what is right? Do I even need to register myself? What to say to the company?

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    I think you should acctualy look for a lawyer that can answer that question, either in Philippines or in Germany. Also, you could maybe contact a helping center of the government? I don't know how it works there... Or maybe ask the company about it, there's no shame in not knowing something you aren't supposed to know.
    – Pedro
    Commented Feb 1, 2021 at 10:16
  • I don't know which country it is, but as far as I know, freelancers don't need to register anywhere
    – aappy
    Commented Aug 2, 2021 at 3:56

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I don't know specifically for a country, but as far as I know freelancers don't need to register anywhere (might be different for different countries).

If I work with a client or a company not located in my country, I just make a contract with them. Use invoices for quoting my services. I don't think you need to register anywhere. As freelancing is a kind of sole proprietorship, it does not need to be registered.

However, that company can sign a contract for the work done.

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