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Freelancer incorporation abroad: permanent establishment?

I am a freelancer and I'm looking for the best country to incorporate in. Reading through the various DTAs, I see the term "permanent establishment" used everywhere. Consulting with a lawyer, I was ...
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Client requires that I register as a business

I am drafting a contract with a potential client (French university) for a yearlong remote consulting job. When I wrote my own name and my personal bank account info on the contract, the admin from ...
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Does an American business need to have a foreign office to employ foreign workers?

Not specifically freelancing, but this list fit the bill better than any others! If an American business wants to employ someone in, say France (who is French), for example, do they need to have an ...
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Doing business in Australia as foreign freelancer located overseas

I am currently located in Germany and do not have permanent residency nor citizenship in Australia. I have potentially been offered a contract with a company in Australia. I will stay in Germany ...
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Serving Brazilian customers from the EU

I am located in Germany (EU), and my Brazilian customers say that for importing my services they have to pay 52% of taxes on top of my invoices. Previously, they assumed it's 24%, but that turned out ...
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Is there an ideal state in which to incorporate in the USA? [closed]

I've formed the impression from reading business news articles for several years that Delaware is often the state of choice for any small business to incorporate within. I guess there's something ...
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