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Certifications for statisticians

I would like to learn more about the certifications in the domain of statistics. I am mostly interested in those existing in France and European Union, but experience from elsewhere could be also ...
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How do we Enter Global IT Market Global Market like the USA, Europe or Australia

I am based on south Asia and I am doing freelancing service through Fiverr. Currently I am expanding my services with professional Team. But I have no idea about entering to Global Market. My ...
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UK based Freelancer, my client wants to pay in EUR. I have a personal EUR account in Spain

I am resident in the UK, I am a freelancer and my client wish to pay in EUR. I have been checking different options for getting paid in my current Business account or either create a Foreign Currency ...
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Enquiries from overseas

I'm not sure what it is about this time of year, but I often get people from foreign countries emailing me with work requests (I'm a UK based graphic designer). I've only ever done work for those ...
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Missing the benefits of freelancer's association or union

I have not been able to find any freelancer's association or union to join in the country where I am currently residing in, Indonesia. This means that I have been freelancing since forever without ...
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Contracts for clients in different jurisdictions

There are many contract templates out there for software development freelancers. However, most are written for the US jurisdiction, and are worded so as to be enforceable in a US court of law. Now, ...
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How to find reliable sources of freelance projects abroad?

I'm a senior-developer in my company and I have almost a decade of experience in my field. Thanks to some presentation and talk I've given in the past I've been head-hunted for a prestigious job in ...
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Is there Bank account good for freelancers?

The idea is to create a bank account having the residence in a different country from the one the bank is based on. So international clients accepted in this bank would be the right thing. I've heard ...
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Invoicing Upwork clients for UK registered sole trader

I'm using my own accounting software use it for tracking time and create invoices as well. I have clients through Upwork and privately without an agent. For the clients in Upwork, I track time in both ...
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Having clients abroad as a LLC

I have a California-based LLC through which I provide design services. If a company in France wanted to pay me for these services, would that be possible? And what would be a good way to: -Bill them ...
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US-based freelancer invoicing in foreign currency, can I have my UK client pay pound sterling into a UK-based current account?

I am a US-based freelancer and need to invoice a UK client in Pound Sterling for freelance work conducted in the US. I used to live in the UK and have a UK-current account where the payment can be ...
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How can I approach US clients with web development work?

I'm a WordPress developer living in the Middle East, and I have a strong portfolio and experience. I want to expand my clients base to the US. Because I'm living far from USA, I can't have personal ...
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When outsourcing freelance work to foreign country, do I file a 1065, a 1099/1042(S)?

I've seen this asked a few different ways (closest was here), but I am looking to find out from the business's perspective, how to report (if necessary) the amount paid to a foreign contractor. My ...
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How much cost can be charged for an hour in web development.?

I am a freelance web developer in India, charging between 250 and 300 rupees/hour for domestic clients. Now I have discussions ongoing regarding certain projects in the Middle East. How much can I ...
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Global freelancers and taxation

Does anyone have experience freelancing for a company located outside their own country where they are legally authorised to work? What is the best way to handle taxes in this circumstance? For e.g., ...
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Serving Brazilian customers from the EU

I am located in Germany (EU), and my Brazilian customers say that for importing my services they have to pay 52% of taxes on top of my invoices. Previously, they assumed it's 24%, but that turned out ...
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What are the risks associated with solely relying on freelancing income and making it as a career? [closed]

With cheap and quality work available over dozens of freelancing sites, Does the world of freelancing comes with risks like ban by the USA government on outsourcing of jobs and offshore freelancing ? ...
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Should I lower my per hour rate to be competitive with overseas firms?

I was recently invited to bid on a mobile development contract for a company in South Africa. After doing my research of firms that are local to South Africa, I'm noticing that my hourly rate is ...
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