I've seen this question about the confusion on using a residential address, but my question is that since I'm a software professional and I don't expect the company to deliver anything to my postal address and just do a bank transfer of the payment, is it still necessary as a formality or legality for me to mention my postal address in the invoice?

EDIT: This is in India, and I'll be mentioning my email ID, bank account number and phone number on the invoice anyway.

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In order to create a legal business entity in the United States a location (address) must be on file and is public record.

With the above in mind, what additional harm could come from putting that address on an invoice? Really none.

If you are not located in the US but doing business with US companies, and trying to hide your remote location, you may get away with it for a period of time.

Frankly not having contact information on invoices would raise suspicions. At least for myself. If you trust me to pay you, why not trust me with an address in case I prefer to mail a check.

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