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How can I mitigate not being part of a big team?
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21 votes

I know my finances are sound, but how can I reassure the client that I am not going to disappear tomorrow You can't, because there is no guarantee. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow and you and the ...

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Sending a bill without delivering a product
9 votes

It depends on what reads in your contract. If you haven't made a written contract, or the contract doesn't mention the procedure in this kind of situation, you should discuss it with the client. ...

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Should I lower my per hour rate to be competitive with overseas firms?
8 votes

Are you in desperate need of a new contract? Is this a project you personally really want to do? (super interesting, possibility to learn new tech, includes traveling to exotic places, ...) If the ...

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EU-citizen working as contractor in Switzerland?
2 votes

I am not a lawyer or an expert on the issue, but it would be very strange if a company in a reputable Western country X (i.e. not under embargo or similar) could not provide services to and bill a ...

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