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I am currently enrolled in the FinTech Boot Camp via the U of MN, which covers a variety of technologies built on to financial fundamentals including: Python, Pandas, Numpy, SciPy, Pyviz, API's, AWS, SQL; Machine Learning including linear regression, tensorflow, keras, RNN's; and Blockchain technologies including smart contracts and solidity. Happily Learning, and happily discovering related areas like Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange community.

Along with accounting I've also provided human resources and payroll -related functionality, both as an employee and an independent contractor (under my own auspices or through an agency).

Recently I started a new position at a private college in the Twin Cities - excited to stretch a bit professionally and engage in activities at the enterprise level.

During my entrepreneurial periods I've provided various service offerings around accounting, including accounting services as well as accounting-software based services such as software selection and implementation. I've also provided indexing services for a period.

I've been a freelance service provider, and a purchases of freelance services, and throughout have tried to be of use to other freelance providers. Because it's definitely not an easy road!

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