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Things of interest I've been affiliated with:

  • /r/RowlingWritings - a subreddit gathering all of J.K. Rolwing's writings, short stories, essays, and drawings
  • The Harry Potter Lexicon - Site really needs no introduction. One of the oldest and most reliable secondary sources for HP stuff. (Most of my activity here isn't public, but I've been involved in the community of editors.)
  • old jkrowling.com restoration project This is the entire 2004-2012 website. The front end stuff have all been archived and the backend stuff have been recreated with php. (Site needs flash to run. Haha it's now 2021 so it's dead again.)
  • https://twitter.com/ibid11962 Mostly me bothering authors with random questions
  • KutuluMike's SFF slack group

Best way to contact me is through reddit, slack, or dropping a ping under one of my posts.

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