Gobi Dasu
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  • Founder @ ldtalent.org · motivated vetted developers · 5h free trial
  • Stanford BSCS MSCS
  • Personal site of Travel and Life Stories: gobidasu.com
  • Clarity FM (for College App Review): clarity.fm/gobidasu
  • Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCO0X3UkCDN0Ts9ch6IbwpLw/
  • Quora: quora.com/profile/Gobi-Dasu
  • Stack Exchange: stackexchange.com/users/1229095/gobi-dasu?tab=accounts
  • Facebook: facebook.com/gobidasu
  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gobi-dasu-21518947
  • Twitter: twitter.com/learningdollars
  • Github: github.com/gobid
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