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How to start a freelance career (during retirement) in programming with a background in data warehousing
Accepted answer
2 votes

You can try site focused on offering freelancer services, which you can find out making a search on Google. References: Just a ...

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Leaving my full time job for 1 client
3 votes

The most of experienced freelancers always advise never abandoning your current job. If you wish to freelance only do it keeping your current one and working part-time as freelancer. At least it'd be ...

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Client asking me to do a coding challenge
1 votes

It'd be useful if you could describe on your post the code challenge which he've proposed to you, sometimes those ones are pitfalls made by your customer to get work done without actually getting you ...

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Can client demand a refund for software that fails specifications?
0 votes

Your customer's completly right. And tell you that your reputation worths more than any money you may receive that agree. I suggest you as soon as possible trying to negociate with him, try to offer ...

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Charging clients for creating business developer account Appstore and Googleplay
3 votes

Charge him to creating and manage those accounts in both plataforms. By creating the ones By monthly or yearly manage ones When I say to manage, I mean reply the mails from getting Play Store and ...

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