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Chris Cashwell

I'm a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, technical consultant, and fan of Oxford commas, with a proven track record of leading geographically distributed teams in the design and execution of product development strategies that win.

I've built lots of different types of software in a handful of different languages, including decentralized systems, web and mobile apps, and mission critical security tools that touch millions of consumers and tens of thousands of government employees in the US and abroad every day. In an advisory capacity I've helped companies large and small make groundbreaking innovations in diverse spaces ranging from peer-to-peer payments and consumer protection to real-time communications and telemedicine.

I've acted as a consultant to startups, multinational companies and everything in between to build scalable solutions to real-world problems. I've also contributed to the development of critical government systems that help keep the world just a little bit safer. Along the way, I've helped secure numerous US government contracts and grant awards, as well as more than $300 million in private capital. For the last several years I've been heavily focused on digital currency and distributed ledger technologies with particularly deep experience building on Ethereum.

Here are some kind words from folks I've worked with (more on LinkedIn):

Nic DiPalma: "In addition to Chris's talent and expertise in software engineering, information architecture, user experience strategy, user interaction design, programming, ... see where I'm going with this? He's a veritable Swiss Army knife on any team and equally productive with self-direction. Few can pivot and re-align with as much agility. His personality, his passion, and his sense of social responsibility also make him an inspiring colleague to work with in any cause or situation."

Andrew Fader: "Chris Cashwell is someone who's always far ahead of the curve. As an engineer, he's a thoughtful and pragmatic influence on tech and product teams alike. As an entrepreneur, he's an outside-of-the-box thinker who still manages to stay grounded and execute methodically on his vision. Chris is a multiplying factor for productivity on a team; his laid-back demeanor belies a coiled spring of passionate energy. What distinguishes Chris from other strong contributors are his open-mindedness, resourcefulness and empathy - traits that enhance his considerable technical acumen to make him a natural leader."

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