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· Part of a software engineering team developing, from ground up, a modernized critical global banking system of a leading bank. The system regularly executes multi-billion dollar transactions. • Obtained required Keypoint security clearance for this confidential global project • Devised and implemented best practices and architectural patterns to standardize and increase system software development velocity, reliability, and repeatability. • Devised and implemented key Angular 4.x and Typescript architectural patterns such as functional reactive programming techniques (FRP/RxJs), immutable/atomic in-memory stores and reducer strategies (ngrx), smart (container) vs presentational component separation of concerns, import barreling, and object oriented patterns. • Primary team interface to backend (Java) development team. Defined and implemented main frontend data model interfaces and endpoint http call patterns. Devised and implemented ‘in memory web’ API to stand-in for eventual real backend endpoint calls to increase frontend development velocity and increase consistency and reliability of frontend/backend http interfaces. • Presentation to technical clients of system architecture, design, and patterns. • Leveraged angular-cli as the main tool for component scaffolding and hot development vs product system build, lint, and unit test execution. • Devised and implemented optimal Angular 4.x change detection and memory management system components • Designed and implemented Angular 4.x unit test patterns in Karma/Jasmine with goal of 80%+ test coverage (statement and branch coverage). • Introduced and implemented global constant and error management techniques • All software version control executed in a formalized pull request (‘PR’ – Bitbucket) driven Git (CLI and SourceTree) environment • All unit test and builds in formalized continuous integration (‘CI’ – Bamboo) environment • Daily participation in a dynamic (2 week cycle) Jira driven agile/scrum environment • Lead mentor to various software developers and new hires and introduced them to bank system architecture and overall software development and Angular 4.x best practices.

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