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Hi, there. I am shuke0327, Chinese name: Kai Jing. U can call me Kevin.

I am a freelance Web developer using Ruby on Rails as the main technology.And, have used this stack for about 2 years.

I just finished a not so successful startup in the last months, and it really feels cool to go back to developing and designing works.

What interest me

I am interested in several kind of technology, including Front End design, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and AI.

For the business side, I have read a little of Growth Hacking skills and some materials on Lean Startup.

For fun, I will take photography and write something that is meaningful for me.

Hope there is something new and interesting problems I will encounter today.

Books I am reading these days

  • Ruby Under a Microscope
  • Growth Hackers
  • Priceless
  • Peek


Contact Me

twitter: @shuke0327


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