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Step 1 - Run away. Step 2 - Refer to step one. I say this because this is how many freelancers get stuck doing work for free, or much less than they should be. Future profits mean nothing when you're waiting a year or two to see a penny for your work! If they don't have a budget, you can stay in contact, but do not do any work for them. You will have very ...


Full time freelancer living in Spain here. You must register as an "Autonomo" after you reach the top of selling professional services, more or less 2000€ for unemployed people last time I checked it. Check if your contract allows it. It may vary depending on the "Comunidad Autonoma" in which you are living or your work, so go to "Seguridad Social" and ask ...


It may be a bit late, but I've just found a piece of info about this. The info is from the APTIC: "Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters of Catalonia". Here is their FAQ on VAT and translations, from APTIC It states that there are some translations exempt of VAT and some not. Ensure you change your language to English. One thing ...


I think noone here can answer your question because it is a very complicated task that involves local, national and international laws. You shoud definitely go to a professional accountant to have all the answers tailored for your situation.

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