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Contract canceled with no advance notice

Unfortunately, the nature of a contract is that unless there is specific language to the contrary in the contract, it can be ended at any moment without a reason given. This is one reason why ...
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Client demands to use a contract that sounds fishy claiming it is from a big law firm, won't use my standard contract

It's easier and cheaper for them to use their own standard contract since they don't have to pay a lawyer to review a contract from you and every other contractor they work with. Most of my own ...
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How to handle difficult to meet requirements on freelancing projects

From my side, I cannot pay for something that works worse than that as it will have no value for me Understandable. Viewed from the other end besides a student or an enthusiast you most likely won‘t ...
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How to handle difficult to meet requirements on freelancing projects

IMO, the simplest is to state the things as they are: you are looking for someone willing to accept the risk. He will tell you his/her rate for accepting the risk. You can also suggest a smaller ...
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USA LLC - Is there anything I need to do regarding existing contracts?

(I am not a lawyer.) In the US, an LLC is a separate legal entity from you. You signed the agreement, not the LLC. An LLC would do well to have its own bank account so that funds are not co-mingled. ...
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Is there any website/software that secures your payment when working with remote clients?

You can get payment through This is the most safe way to make payment because it pends 15 days for verification, passport or id card verification.
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Is it reasonable for customer to require $1 million liability insurance for $1500 contract?

Is it reasonable? Yes. It doesn't matter how long the contract is for or how much it's worth. They have every right to protect their interests. A $1 million GLI/PLI is pretty common. My combined GLI/...
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