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Clarified title for international audience, who don't know the meaning of the phrase "night owl"

Staying in Contact with Clients In Different Time Zones

I’m a night owl. I’m most productive/creative at night. I go to bed in the morning and sleep until late afternoon.

Being self-employed, this gives only a small timeframe for contact with clients, as they all follow the "tradtional" working time.

I guess you’d have similar problems working in different time zones. However, this is typically known by the client when they hire you. But they usually don’t know anything about your sleep-wake rhythm.

Should I communicate that I’m a night owl? I fear that this might deter clients to hire me.

Or should I try to find solutions without mentioning my sleep-wake rhythm? Maybe to ask for using e-mail or voice-mail (asynchronous conversation) instead of telephone (synchronous)? Would this work? Appointments for meetings/telephone calls could be made per e-mail resp. voice-mail then. I fear that most clients might not like this way as they are used to grab the telephone as soon as they have something in their mind, and they expect you to answer the call immediately or shortly.

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