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2 answers

Virtual address for freelance use?

I'm a solo freelancer working from home in a developing country. Sometimes I need a trusted-feeling address to show for my clients. Is it illegal to rent a virtual address from a developed country ...
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Choosing Uk registered address for a limited company

I created one year ago a limited company. At this time, I chose to use my personal address as my "Registered Address". Now I am thinking of changing flat, so I have to change this address and I am ...
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Global freelancers and taxation

Does anyone have experience freelancing for a company located outside their own country where they are legally authorised to work? What is the best way to handle taxes in this circumstance? For e.g., ...
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Virtual office for a team of freelancers [closed]

I recently heard that some freelancers use virtual offices not only for small team collaboration, but also when negotiating with clients. What is your experience with it? I would like to hear bad ...
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