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How to charge and declare vat to a company in EU

I work a full time job in the UK as a software developer. I've been asked by a friend who has a publishing house in Greece to do a translation for her. It'll be a one off and cost around £1000 (money ...
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Paying VAT as a Freelancer - I live in EU, my client is from USA

I am an IT freelancer, living in the NL, and I have EU citizenship. One of my clients is from the US. Do i have any tax/VAT obligations in the states?
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Dealing with European invoices and VAT as a freelancer from Venezuela

I hope you are doing well. I live in Venezuela, and work as a freelancer for international clients. One of such clients is based in the EU, specifically Germany. How do I deal with invoicing them? ...
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Hong Kong company taxes for European clients

I am considering to start up an IT consultancy company in Hong Kong. I would work as a freelancer with clients anywhere in the world, but I currently have a specific client in Europe in mind (Belgium)...
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VAT included in a purchase order

I am a small business owner selling handmade products. I usually work on a 'sale or return' basis with local stockists but I have just received my first purchase order from a stockist who is buying my ...
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Post-Brexit: Am I supposed to register and charge UK VAT?

Something that has been unclear for me post-brexit. I am a sole proprietor located in the Netherlands and am providing a remote service (B2B) to a UK company. In 2020 during the brexit transition, I ...
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EU self-employed, UK client, post-Brexit, should I charge VAT?

I have a sole-proprietorship registered in Germany and provide services to my customers. I am currently in negotiations with a UK client. Now that the UK left the European Union and that deals have ...
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Should I remove the VAT column from my invoice?

I have a client whom I suspect is just attempting to find ways to not pay invoices due, asking me to remove and change details continually on my invoices. Today they have requested that I remove the ...
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UK self-employed, not VAT payee, EU client wants EU VAT number

I am a UK-based self-employed consultant, not registed for VAT An EU-based client wants EU VAT number otherwise they won't pay If I register for the number, is it just a paperwork hassle, or do I have ...
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UK Freelancing to EU Client (VAT MOSS)

I am based in the UK and have been asked to develop a website for a business client based outside the UK (IRL). The website will contain an e-commerce element allowing them to sell services, not me, ...
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UK VAT unique invoice number

I've recently registered for VAT and I'm not sure if I've been numbering my invoices correctly. I don't have many clients and I simply run a sequential count so it would be invoice #01...#02..#03 ...
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Freelancer in Germany, South African client, do I charge VAT?

I am working as a freelance software developer in Germany, and I need to know if I should be charging a South African client VAT or not. I have found out the answer for Germany, other EU states, USA ...
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Requirements on invoice for expenses to be able to recover the included VAT

A German freelancer needs to buy work equipment (computer, printer, paper, etc.) in Germany, and wants to recover the VAT (Mehrwertsteuer/Umsatzsteuer) that is included in the price. Is it sufficient ...
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VAT charge in the EU

A transport company in Brazil are providing me services for transport within the EU. I am based on the EU will I have to pay VAT when invoiced?
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