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Declining "5 minute" call with client until payment received

So I worked for only a few days for a client. Did around 13 hours. This was enough for me to end the relationship as I felt it wouldn't be a match going forward. It was an extremely strange task and I ...
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2 answers

How do I respond to someone wanting to "purchase" my reputation?

I answered a job posting on Upwork, and in response, "David Lee" asked me for my Skype ID. Because of a number of "issues" on my end, it took several days before we were both on Skype at the same ...
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Questions regarding accounting; can I trust the information? [closed]

I've noticed a few accounting questions here. How dependable are the answers I could expect?
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How to work as a pet sitter with low self-confidence?

I want to take care of various pets for various (even dirt-cheap) prices just to be sure I can get any client to accept my offers. If I make prices unbelievably low, people will likely want me because ...
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How to convince the client that you'll report hours truthfully?

When you work from home or from your own office and charge by the hour, sometimes during contract negotiations a new client wants to know how they can trust that you won't add some extra hours to your ...
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