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How to start my own IT Company - What Kind of Plans and Exposure do I need to seek?

I have planned to start my IT development Company based on Salesforce development not now. But, After 3 years! I need some roadmap of suggestions, exposure, and plans to seed myself to prepare me for ...
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Approaches to online tutoring

At present the prevailing mode of online tutoring seems to involve websites that connect tutors directly with prospective students. A slightly different approach might instead allow tutors to connect ...
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What's a reasonable discount to ask for when prepaying for development services?

I currently have a contractor working for me via an agency. The contract is rolling on a weekly basis and I can end it whenever I like. I have suggested to the agency owner that I could prepay for ...
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Advantages/disadvantages of DBA vs LLC?

I am looking at establishing myself as a freelancer in graphic design from home. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a DBA vs LLC in the United States?
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Dealing with a startup, how common is commercial credit (vs equity)?

I'm exploring the possibility of a working relationship with a startup, very early (I believe 3rd person in the door, not counting advisors). There is a potentially good value and industry-specific ...
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Starting a startup?

For young developers out there, is it a good idea to start their own startup or get a job while pursuing a university education? For someone young, is a startup counted as experience? For a single guy ...
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How to offer software license discounts to students with confirmation?

I hope this is the right place. I'm a few months away from releasing my first software product that is not SaaS, but downloadable (engineering visualization tool) and am working on ideas about how to ...
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Dealing with potential partners

I have been doing work on my own and with a team distributed around multiple countries. I get projects and we work on them together. Recently a startup company, which is considered a competitor ...
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Using A Blog To Create A Portfolio

Not sure this is strictly on topic but it may be something that some freelancers have experienced or may know something about. I'm used to be a freelance website /graphic designer, but I'm new to ...
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Quote for a full week of sprint/workshop - How to price this?

I am looking for advice on how to price work on a week-long intensive workshops. I have done 2-3 days sessions before but that was usually basically a set of meetings in some corporate 9-5 office, ...
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When hiring freelancers, do I give them contracts?

As a startup that isn't a company yet and still starting out. Do I need contracts to sign up freelancers? This is for digital projects and haven't seen need to start a company yet without revenues.
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Starting a one-person Ltd options

I have a personal project that's doing pretty well (over 370k downloads), but with no monetizing solution so far. Before I go in for monetization, I'm trying to browse the different options out there ...
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Do I need to be a company to run my start-up like web entertainment portal?

Let's assume I have created quite a successful online service for entertainment, which does not sell anything and the only potential income would come from advertisement. Let's assume it is big enough ...
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Is there a time limit for assigning cost of training as a business expense?

I am a certified martial arts instructor, and I have been working towards opening a sideline business doing self defense seminars targeted at a mainly female population, currently based in the United ...
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Dealing with NDAs from startups in similar field - Requiring Lawyer Lookover Fee for NDAs

For "other" startups whose product/funding appear to be uncertain and demand that I sign an NDA, I started requesting a lawyer lookover fee for the issuing party. Note, I'm upfront and actually tell ...
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