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Strategy of offering the first portion of work in advance or for free

I need useful advice. I'm a web developer from Ukraine with many years of experience, yet have never worked with clients from Western Europe and America. But now I'm considering that. I know it's very ...
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How to handle difficult to meet requirements on freelancing projects

I want to hire a freelancer to develop a machine learning algorithm. In order for the algorithm to provide any value I need it to work correct in over 95% of cases, which is a very difficult ...
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In Germany, can I invoice a client for freelance work without having a business registered?

Having already a job as employee in a German company, can one also do some freelance job without being registered as a freelance or as a company? The intention is not to open a proper company or ...
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Mass cold-emails to get work — unethical?

I'm planning on returning to self-employment (graphic design) full time. In the past, I used to get most of my work with the following two approaches: Meeting as many new people as possible — a lot ...
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Where is the best place to POST a project looking for a freelance developer?

Longtime ...Exchange lurker. First Question. I have a few projects in need of freelance developer(s). First and foremost is an experienced web dev for an ASP.NET MVC project. I am not a recruiter. I ...
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How to deal with a stubborn user that constantly makes mistakes, but refuses to accept it's their fault

I'm making a desktop app for my best friend's family restaurant (no, I'm not doing it for free). Background info: My friend told me he tried with several apps he found on the Internet; in fact, he ...
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Are there any small software development projects available for freelancers?

Assume someone is employed as a software developer, working approx. 32 to 36 hours a week. If that person would want to take on some freelance software development project for, say, about 4 hours a ...
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Yet another question on potentially being sued

[In canada] A small company recently asked me over email if I could do some work related wordpress blog posting for one of their clients. I never signed anything, just said it would be about $200. We ...
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How much cost can i ask for website design to client? [closed]

website design+choose images for banner + database for upload missing child related website project contains 7 pages, i don't no how much can i ask. so please help me to ask.
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3 answers

Doing Freelance work on top of someone else's work

I recently had a conversation with a lead that could give me the opportunity to do some responsive web work to an already designed site. My question is what is the best way to approach gaining access ...
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If I need to use more expensive software for one service offering than another, is there a standard way to build this into my rates? [duplicate]

I'm a freelance user experience (UX) designer, and I'm about to productize one of my service offerings. The service is a usability evaluation of clients' websites. It is designed with two kinds of ...
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At what point are contracts necessary?

My main source of income for day-to-day operations include just simply fixing computers or doing upgrades, which usually bill the client less then $200 when all is said and done. For this small of a ...
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