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asset management - inventory and tagging

I am needing a few quotes on a time estimate of manually tagging (stickers) and recording attributes of all fixed assets in an open, busy grocery store. Client is refusing to pay because it wasn't ...
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Can I ask my full-time freelancer to help me with personal work?

I am a first-time employer, and recently hired a freelancer for a full-time job with the job title "Need assistant for a monthly contract requiring stock trading/finance-related work". In ...
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Desk Landline phone or VOIP phone for freelancing

Due to COVID 19 I' am working from home for my regular job as well as freelancing. I want to have a separate number from my work cell phone and since I'll be working at a desk every day for 8-10 hours ...
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How to effectively handle obsessive personal client calls during regular office hours

I have a new local client who simply won't stop calling me during my office hours. I do attend to calls of all my clients. But he calls me and discusses everything about the project over phone only, ...
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Should I work for free if client's requirement changed

I have a client. There was one specific limitation of the solution we were implementing. I made sure to tell him about it, and he said it's fine. Now later when it's implemented that way, he feels, ...
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Quote for a full week of sprint/workshop - How to price this?

I am looking for advice on how to price work on a week-long intensive workshops. I have done 2-3 days sessions before but that was usually basically a set of meetings in some corporate 9-5 office, ...
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Unexpected additional work

I have a client that asked me to write code for them. Specifically (from the contract): The Client is hiring the Developer to do the following: Point a form to send a user entered text field to ...
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Consulting: Do I charge for the time I take to plan the scope of the project?

I'm about to start my first consulting gig with my first client. The things is, I've spent 10+ hours already just scoping the project and estimating how many hours each task takes before even ...
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Do extra projects indicate extra pay for stipend contractors?

After leaving a major media conglomerate following four years as a manager, I accepted my first freelance/contract role in an industry I plan to transition toward. It is a four month assignment for a ...
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Potentially unable to complete a project; what to do?

I am worried that I have taken on a major project (three months scheduled, tens of thousands of dollars, but it's already late) that I will be unable to complete. I am trying to figure out the best ...
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What is the scope of freelancing in MATLAB programming?

I know very little about the freelancing world. But I have always been curious about it, as it seems like a nice alternative career option. I would like to know, what are the kind of projects ...
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Did I deal with a client squeezing extra work properly?

I estimated X hours. As I showed them the progress, they started adding more things to do that was outside what was expected or was not portrayed in the beginning. I asked for 50% of the original ...
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How to figure out the Scope of Work?

If I am starting out in my field as a freelancer, how can I determine what should be in a scope of work, and how can I decide what is acceptable in the Scope of Work before determining it must be ...
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