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Scope creep is the process of adding constant changes to a project, until the number of changes gets out of hand and the project may no longer resemble what it originally was.

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How to deal with 'Scope Creep'?

I am creating an online education portal for a client who pays on time and likes the work which I'm doing but after a day he says "Hey, I liked the work you did to the ABC section but after discussing ...
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Monthly Fee vs. One-Time Payment for a Large Project with Difficult Client

PROBLEM: A client of mine has asked me to prepare a quote for a rather large project that will take several months to complete. I've worked with this client on multiple projects in the past, and I ...
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Is scope creep before work has even started a warning sign?

Awhile back, I was approached by a prospective client with a project. She had a pretty grand vision of what she wanted, but I managed to get her to agree to a limited scope for a first iteration. ...
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How to deal with client who makes constant changes to work

Working on a (tiny) fixed price, art based job. The initial design was fine, but have been a number of iterations of the design since. That number is getting... well, ridiculous for the amount of work ...
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Handling client extras on the fly

I sell a B2B software that I developed which is customized for each client. I offer a maintenance agreement with the software that covers technical support, updates, etc. Most of my clients take the ...
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Did I deal with a client squeezing extra work properly?

I estimated X hours. As I showed them the progress, they started adding more things to do that was outside what was expected or was not portrayed in the beginning. I asked for 50% of the original ...
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Including Extra Work as 100% Discounted Hours

I just completed a project and ended up going about 20 hours over on a 39 hour project. I allowed some scope creep because my contract was not that bulletproof and I didn't feel it was worth the ...
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How to tell client to stop adding new features?

I am working on a huge, multifaceted application/service for a client which never seems to stop growing in size. For various reasons the client has decided they don't want anyone else to work on the ...
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Do extra projects indicate extra pay for stipend contractors?

After leaving a major media conglomerate following four years as a manager, I accepted my first freelance/contract role in an industry I plan to transition toward. It is a four month assignment for a ...
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