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Where to find IT freelancers, willing to relocate to join security cleared projects at EU agencies? [closed]

Hello I'm a sourcer looking for adventurous freelancers, who like travelling to differnet European cities and would like to obtain security clearance and join short-term and long-term EU projects. Can ...
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How to find a suitable blockchain talent? [closed]

A new project I am working on needs a blockchain full stack developer and designer.They must understand solidity (Ethereum), sidechains (Bitcoin), etc. Anyone interested? In addition, I feel that it's ...
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Client suggesting to cap off a project

So I have been working with a US based funded startup (atleast that is what I was told initially they had USD 1 million in funding). I started off the project on T&M approach because the app ...
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Any ways to earn by getting clicks and views?

I can get a minimum of 5000 views/clicks per day. Is there any that I could use this skill?
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Best way to launch your mobile app

I'm looking to launch my mobile app soon, but I need to copyright it and I'm not sure what would be the best thing to do, how should I start, etc. Can I launch an app under self employment or I would ...
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Selling Java library - which pricing model to choose?

I have built a Java library, which I am planning to sell. It will be used as a project's dependency and most users would use it with their build tools such as Maven, Gradle, etc. I wanted to know if ...
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What is a 3-quote process?

I am quoting for a potential new client, and she has said that they need to go through a 3-quote process... does this mean that they are looking for a quote from me and two others? Or does it mean ...
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Client not Responding from more than last 36 Hours

I recently got my first project on Up Work, i had a lot of communication with two of the people from their side on Skype and i have been working on their project from previous week, i have developed ...
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How to explain to client their other freelancer is incompetent?

I have been doing long-term software development with an out-of-state client. All of their dev work is done by myself and a handful of other freelancers, only one of whom I work with on a semi-regular ...
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Test project asking for too much to get a job?

I bid for a project on The invitation is for a test project. The test project includes my having to have an AWS account, mysql, ansible, etc, etc. My question is: Is this much investment ...
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Making a product that sells without a hassle

I'm planning to make an electronic toy for kids. I was wondering if I'm allowed to sell it if I decide to mass produce. I'm guessing electronics goes under some kind of safety license. The voltage ...
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Should I build an Alpha before presenting my concept

I got an idea that will be really helpful on my current job. I will make this software eventually to every other companies that want to use it, but for now only my employer will have access to it. ...
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How to find good jobs on freelancing sites

I've recently got back into doing freelancing jobs because I needed to get activity on a payment method in order to get private loads reactivated. I am using and even when I made about ...
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Demand for jQuery or jQuery UI freelancers? [closed]

I have the following experience: Four years experience in PHP, MySQL and WordPress Proficiency in jQuery and jQuery UI Is there demand for freelancers with experience in jQuery and jQuery UI?
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Client said she would email me in x weeks, but didn't, do I contact her?

A client I made a website for last year, which was must appreciated on her part, contacted me in this October to tell me about a possible new project (an organization she is a member of needs a new ...
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Client willing to pay more...but I am refusing

I have a situation which is generally opposite case in most projects. I am working on a client project, which I estimated would complete in 2 months max. But even after 5-6 months, the project is ...
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Is there a way to work free for experience? [closed]

I had never been hired at upwork, I don't know why. I am willing to work for experience! Just simple data entry jobs, just for my experience. Because I think I need experience to be hired by an actual ...
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End of Project process

After having completed a few projects I am searching for an alternative approach to the final process. I develop and design websites, and at the end of each project, I have a meeting with my clients ...
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Is it reasonable for a client to expect automated test scripts as project deliverables?

Our company is currently halfway through a software project with a consulting firm. As someone who will be taking ownership of the project after the consultants finish, is it reasonable for our ...
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Client needs expression in article [closed]

This is my first time working as a writer. I've sent my client a written article. He checked it and sent the following message: Client: It is good, but I need the expression : "Hydroponic ...
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How much cost can i ask for website design to client? [closed]

website design+choose images for banner + database for upload missing child related website project contains 7 pages, i don't no how much can i ask. so please help me to ask.
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Free support after selling a project

I'm working on a small engineering/programming project (~100kloc of code) which tackles many different areas of expertise. The program communicates with many external devices, has data processing and ...
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Is it good to get paid in advance and then start project development?

Most of the clients are prompt and pay the money on completion of the project. While some companies agree to pay the amount as soon as project delivery, it never happens as expected. The reasons they ...
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Remote Working for a client [closed]

After discussion with a client, he offered me remote (work from home) job with him. I am working as a freelancer with him since last few months and now I would like to do remote job for him. I have ...
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Integrating simple client management software into a website

I am doing freelance web designing, and most of my clients are not computer-savvy. I would like to integrate a simple management system which will enable them to track the project's progress with the ...
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How much time to spend on an initial quote as a part-time freelancer?

I am a web developer, just starting out as a freelancer. I have had a few people contact me through my website asking for a quote on how much a project will cost. In order to achieve a cost, I must ...
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What guarantees do employers/freelancers needs to take for big projects?

If you plan to be involved in a project that is relatively big, costs a large amount of money, and extends for over a month, what kind of guarantees and planning ahead do you need to do to protect ...
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I failed to reach the deadline

I started a project given by client and it went fine for couple of days. Middle of the way, I got stucked with a technical limitation. I'm unable to proceed and it'll take more time and R&D to ...
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Determining when to turn down business

I recently started freelancing and found myself in a situation where I wish I would have turned the job down initially. In my situation the client wanted to change the functionality multiple times, ...
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