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How to combine the general advantages of "work for hire" and retain my right for reuse the code?

I'm an independent software consultant and I want to create a framework that lets me solve a wide variety of problems in a niche area. The purpose of the framework is to have existing building blocks ...
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Client wants me to take a portfolio project off my website

About 18 months ago I completed a brochure design for an old client. I added a few spreads of it as mockups to my online portfolio. The booklets contain text written by my client — helpful information ...
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How to protect video course materials provided to students

Apologies if this isn't the right part of Stack Exchange, this seems the right place though. I'm helping a music teacher friend who lives on private tuition. They want to provide short videos that ...
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How do I respond to someone wanting to "purchase" my reputation?

I answered a job posting on Upwork, and in response, "David Lee" asked me for my Skype ID. Because of a number of "issues" on my end, it took several days before we were both on Skype at the same ...
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Code ownership in web dev subcontracting

I've been working with an agency to develop a web site for their client. I had a contract with the agency, not the end client. I was unfortunately off my guard on this one and the contract didn't ...
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Is it okay to use screenshots of other websites on my websites "sales" page?

I'm a new web design freelancer and don't really have a portfolio to show my potential clients, therefore I've been having a tough time in getting them to visualize what exactly it is that I'll be ...
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How to deliver licensed software to client

For contracts where you own the software and are granting a perpetual license for use to the client, how do you deliver the final project? Do you give the a tarball of the source code, read only ...
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Valuing My Freelance Business

I have been a full-time sole trader in the UK for 2.5 years. I build websites for both agencies and direct clients, and over these 2.5 years I have built up a good reputation, contacts and client base ...
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Retain intellectual property for art sold on CafePress?

I’m interested in selling some of my art on CafePress, but I don’t want to allow others to use my art for profit. Sure, CafePress takes a cut of sales. But I decide when my art goes up. And (as I ...
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Who owns the result of my contracted work?

I am currently working for a company on a contract-to-hire (eventually) plan. Apart from tax forms, I never signed an official contract. Do I maintain all rights to my work? I am by no means planning ...
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