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Questions tagged [local-business]

This tag pertains to questions about working with businesses near the freelancer's location. This should not be used for remote-working questions or to describe your own business.

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Freelance as your own Business

How difficult is to freelance not use a website like Upwork or Fiverr and do it on your own would you have to setup your own website? I plan to be IOS software Developer with no clients.
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Desk Landline phone or VOIP phone for freelancing

Due to COVID 19 I' am working from home for my regular job as well as freelancing. I want to have a separate number from my work cell phone and since I'll be working at a desk every day for 8-10 hours ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Freelance as software developer without travelling?

I'm a physicist, but I've been working as an employed software developer for several companies in the past seven years, and I've already been a part-time programmer during my university studies. For ...
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How to sell Android app to a general contractor for my desired price?

I have designed an app specifically for a certain contracting company on the Android Studio platform. I have recently looked over the regulations for uploading an app onto the Google Play store and ...
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Are there any intermediary companies in Netherlands that allow you to work with your existing clients?

I'm a freelancer working with a US company. I want to move to the Netherlands, so I started looking for a job, but my client suggested another solution: to find an intermediary company in Netherlands ...
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How to deal with sudden health problem

I'm a single web designer / developer freelance and I work in a home office, my target clients are small to medium local businesses, shops, hotels, etc. I have several clients and I am available to ...
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If I set up as self employed, will my current employer be notified of this?

I’m just in the process of setting up as a sole trader, alongside my current employment and was wondering about a few things. If I set up as self employed, will my current employer be notified of ...
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Is presenting possible clients with reworks of their existing content a good idea?

I often come across local websites that are sub-par. With just a day or two of work, I could easily provide them with a better solution. However, when I approach the website owners with an offer to re-...
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