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Client wants to share profit and license for a project

Initially, the client hired me for a project without mentioning any profit-sharing or assistance with commercialization. However, after investing approximately 30 hours into the project, I've produced ...
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Intellectual property held on trust in contract

I am about to begin a contract job with a customer who asked me to provide the contract. I used the Qdos generic consultancy contract template (I let the customer know this is what I was doing) and ...
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7 votes
2 answers

About IP for coding projects - How to protect your own boiler plate and helper scripts

I have a question about IP in freelancing. What types terms would you put in an IP agreement with a client to ensure that: Any code you use from your own code base (convenience code or frameworks) ...
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Very difficult client now seems to have lost interest

I've been doing a small identity design job for a new client who has been very difficult to work with and he has recently stopped replying to my emails altogether. The main problem is that trying to ...
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Best way to launch your mobile app

I'm looking to launch my mobile app soon, but I need to copyright it and I'm not sure what would be the best thing to do, how should I start, etc. Can I launch an app under self employment or I would ...
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Client wants me to take a portfolio project off my website

About 18 months ago I completed a brochure design for an old client. I added a few spreads of it as mockups to my online portfolio. The booklets contain text written by my client — helpful information ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How the ideas are protected on freelance world?

I'm new to hiring freelancers for work. I'm having few ideas but I'm not sure what are methods/mechanisms available in freelance world to protect my ideas. What is preventing a freelancer to listen ...
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Securing source code

I am delivering compiled libraries to a customer. This customer wants a guarantee that whatever happens (say if I disappear unexpectedly), he will remain able to use the software when compiler ...
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