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Growth can refer to the expansion of an individual's specific or general knowledge, or it can refer to the expansion of their business to meet the needs of more clients.

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Long-term career as freelancing

I am trying to look beyond the stereotype, which is as follows: I think of freelancing as a job for a young person, not burdened with family obligations and long-term financial commitments (like a ...
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Balancing life with productive work with study and research

I am a web designer / developer (front end and back end). I do that proficiently since more than 10 years, and I am appreciated and good skilled in designing and programming. I work alone in a home ...
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Cover Letter even without experience on a particular language

Im a c++ programmer for more than 2years and resigned my work. Now I want to be a freelancer which I will focus on web development using php. What is the proper way to put it on a cover letter? My ...
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Is it reasonable to leave full time job and do freelancing instead?

I have been doing part time freelancing for that last 3 years. I generally work 2-4 hours daily as freelancer. I have another full time job in professional company. Now some time I feel that I should ...
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Next level of freelancing and growth

I have been doing freelancing as a developer for last 6 years. Initially I started while I was on job but now I am doing full time freelancing. There was a time when I was getting more work than I ...
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What is the scope of freelancing in MATLAB programming?

I know very little about the freelancing world. But I have always been curious about it, as it seems like a nice alternative career option. I would like to know, what are the kind of projects ...
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Hiring another freelancer for help

I'm starting to run into a small situation. I am a freelance web developer to build websites, build web applications and fix mistakes of past projects. I make pretty good money now doing this, but I ...
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Valuing My Freelance Business

I have been a full-time sole trader in the UK for 2.5 years. I build websites for both agencies and direct clients, and over these 2.5 years I have built up a good reputation, contacts and client base ...
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How to work as a pet sitter with low self-confidence?

I want to take care of various pets for various (even dirt-cheap) prices just to be sure I can get any client to accept my offers. If I make prices unbelievably low, people will likely want me because ...
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How do I put freelancing in my CV?

After I finished my CS school, I had an accident which took me far away from the industry for approximately 4 years. After that I worked on my dad's business, and I didn't do much in the way of ...
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How can I measure the credibility of a Freelancing website?

On reading the reviews of on SiteJabber or the reviews of Elance on Mouthshut the freelancing websites do not look convincing enough. The reviews suggest that most of them are stealers ...
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Starting out as a private tour guide in a large North American city, how can I find customers?

I currently do IT consulting but would like to try working as a private tour guide. I live in Toronto, Canada, and have been here for most of my life. I have a few bicycles, but no car. I do not own ...
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How do I get my first job at a freelancing site?

I am in the software development industry and I'm an experienced software engineer. I am new to freelancing websites. The problem is I have zero rating and I can't get any projects even if I bid the ...
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How to find clients beyond sites like oDesk/Guru/Freelancer? [closed]

I have been freelancing for more than a year now. It's been great in terms that I get paid decent amount for hours I have put in. My issue is I'd like to diversify risk and find new clients beyond ...
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