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For questions about freelancing expenses, how to manage them or claim them back.

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Do businesses under the same LLC have to be related?

Not sure this is the right forum, but I figure some people here might be in this situation! I know you can run multiple businesses from the same LLC. But when I see this, the examples are always ...
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Requirements on invoice for expenses to be able to recover the included VAT

A German freelancer needs to buy work equipment (computer, printer, paper, etc.) in Germany, and wants to recover the VAT (Mehrwertsteuer/Umsatzsteuer) that is included in the price. Is it sufficient ...
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What are legal options of accessing books needed for freelance translating?

As a freelance translator, I'm constantly running into a need to check multiple facts and quotes scattered across multiple books. These books, if available online, are often quite expensive, to the ...
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An employee from my current client needs to stay at my house, can I charge?

I think this is the right place - but let me know if it's not and I'll move it. I've been working as a freelancer/contractor in London for the last 12 months. My client has a second office outside ...
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Can I expense a purchase of a used computer?

I'm freelancing on the side individually, and I want to buy a used computer for it off of Craigslist. Can I write this off as an expense and how would I get a receipt for it? I'm in the U.S.
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Travel expenses and loss of income

I have a client on the other side of the country who has repeatedly expressed interest in flying me to meetings and demonstrations related to our project. They have indicated they would pay all my ...
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Can I expense the rent for a three month contract abroad

I am a consultant living in the United Kingdom, using my own limited company. If I accept a contract to work in another European country, can I expense the rent I will have there?
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Expenses - Office At Home But Working On Site for Client

I have been asked by a client to work on-site for a period in order to complete a project due to the confidential nature of it. However, my office is registered at my home address - can I still claim ...
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If I need to use more expensive software for one service offering than another, is there a standard way to build this into my rates? [duplicate]

I'm a freelance user experience (UX) designer, and I'm about to productize one of my service offerings. The service is a usability evaluation of clients' websites. It is designed with two kinds of ...
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How to determine percentage of time home office used for freelance

I work freelance approximately 40-hours a month as part-time work. When determining my taxes how should I calculate the amount of time I use my home office for working? I do not use the home office ...
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Generally accepted ways to handle travel costs to a prospect's site before you land the project?

I am currently prospecting for a new round of UX design projects. The prospects are all in the same industry. Some are local, others non-local but domestic (US), others international. Prospects ...
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Licensing or selling a mobile application to another company

I have made an application for android devices which basically predicts football games results depending on certain variables, this was a prototype, available free. The method and principle are ...
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How Should I Track/Group Receipts and Expenses as a Freelancer?

My question is in two parts: (1) I am swimming in all kinds of receipts and after at least 5+ years of working as a freelancer and this is not good for my taxation. It has been easy to state at the ...
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Claiming use of home as office allowance if the work is unpaid

Can I claim the use of home as office allowance if the work that I perform there is (currently) unpaid? I am currently working on a web project that I'm developing in my office at home. I'm spending a ...
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How close do end client work locations need to be to fall foul of the 24 month travel and subsistence rule?

I already understand the nature of the 24 month rule in regards to a single contract that lasts for more than 2 years. To recap: From the point at which you know that your contract will be longer ...
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Offsetting own labour as 'allowable expenses' when accounting

I'm a web developer. When I buy a Mac I put it down as an allowable expense and receive a tax break on it. When I buy business cards, they go down as an advertising cost. My broadband is an 'office ...
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