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Questions concerning contracts between a freelancer, agent and a client.

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What factors should I consider when pricing commercial use licenses for digital products that aren't software?

Most of the licensing questions I see on here are about software-type products. I'm asking about products such as pre-made templates, worksheets, planners, and illustrations. In other words, creative ...
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UK based, with US Contract. What is my tax situation?

I've been doing this for about a year, but it's usually been UK based companies and never US ones. I don't know the protocol here and don't want to get on the wrong side of the IRS, so is there anyone ...
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How much do recruiting companies pay for the freelance selection process

A recruiting company offered me to work as a freelance paid for a success fee. When the company hires the candidate, the position is closed positively and my partner invoices between 10 and 20% of the ...
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Where do USA IT Contractors find work?

Which job sites in the USA carry the most contractor positions, specifically for freelance, full time and part time software developers? Are there particular sites you would recommend? I am based in ...
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Client not amenable to invoicing of third party client onboarding

They prefer to have me bill at the end of the project, and are claiming that it makes it harder to bill their third party clients for their project if I'm sending multiple invoices. Thoughts? I need ...
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Site created for agency...can I show it in my portfolio?

Previously my agency have created few websites for a marketing agency. They put their site link on these sites: "Site by " Can we put these sites created, in my agency portfolio? There is no NDA ...
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Should I add in the contract that all communication hours are billable hours?

Should I add in the contract that all communication hours (emails, answering questions) are billable hours? Is this standard?
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Doing business in Australia as freelancer located overseas but with the Australian Permanent Residency

I am a French Citizen with the Australian Permanent Residency. I am currently in Australia but I am moving back to France in a month for family reasons. My company is proposing me to keep working for ...
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