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How to passively generate leads (writing)?

I've created my website to sell services. Now what? There's no way I compete for keywords on platforms like Google Ads, as that's way too expensive. I believe the website has been indexed on both ...
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Is it ok to publish job openings on my LinkedIn profile to try to earn hiring commissions?

I receive many contacts from recruiters on LinkedIn. Some of them genuinely ask if I know somebody who could be interested in the position(s) offered, and they sometimes mention that I could get a ...
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Mass cold-emails to get work — unethical?

I'm planning on returning to self-employment (graphic design) full time. In the past, I used to get most of my work with the following two approaches: Meeting as many new people as possible — a lot ...
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Is leaflet dropping bad practice?

I'm considering dropping off / posting leaflets to local small businesses to advertise my web & graphic design services. Is this kind of promotion acceptable or might it just result in people ...
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Does the success of a website depend not only on the number of visits but on the target population too?

I think of building a website (may be with an android app too) that has games for kids (to train the brain, memory, attention ...etc). In case all goes well, how would the economic model be? I don't ...
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How do I advertise my freelance services effectively?

I've attempted a couple advertising campaigns on Facebook and Yelp, but after $250 on Yelp and $20 on Facebook I have nothing to show for it. What can I do to get more clients? I specifically do IT ...
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How should a freelance software engineer use Linkedin to find clients?

here are what I've been trying. Which is most effective? I send a LinkedIn invite to every potential hiring manager that is not a 1st connection. In the invitation, I say I'm an available contractor, ...
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Computer troubleshooting service; change pay rate for more difficult problems?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but if not please advise where may be better. It's not an ideal situation but I need money and I'm good with computers (actually just got my degree). ...
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Writer/editor: Building presence and social media sites

For at least a couple of years I have been trying to build awareness of my writing/copyediting communications business. I have even tried offering my services in exchange for referrals, but without ...
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How does a freelance copywriter determine the right price-per-word to charge?

I worked 6 month for a german company, writing the content for their italian website. Aside for this experience, I'm an absolute beginner with no qualification at all. The only reason I was offered to ...
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How to manage my client's Facebook ads?

I wish to manage some of my client's Facebook campaigns and Google Ads campaigns. However, I don't want the responsibility of needing to manage those using their own accounts. On Google, I'm planning ...
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Is it possible to make money while giving software away for free?

I hope this is on topic, if it isn't, please let me know and I will delete. I am a CS student and I love to make useful and fun software. I was in the process of putting together a website to use as ...
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Strategy for buying local leads from Adwords?

I want to use Adwords to get local leads to my web/app development service website. What are some things I should look out for? Currently I'm thinking of starting with a tiny budget ($1 a day), maybe ...
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Sending advertising offer letters to local businesses

I'm a professional software engineer in my late 20s with a MSc in Computer Science and 3 years work experience in small companies (7+ years programming experience). So, I'd like to develop custom ...
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Is making a connection on a networking website such as LinkedIn a good first step?

I occasionally get contact requests on LinkedIn from people that I do not know and have come to regard this basically as spam. But is it a good idea to use LinkedIn (or a similar networking site) to ...
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Remote translation services in not widely known language - how to reach target? [closed]

If I have a good knowledge of not widely known language, and I want to provide remote translation services, how should I reach the target company? Let's say I can translate documents between English ...
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How much time should I spend on open source work to advertise myself?

I am an indy dev, and am wondering how much time I should spend developing open source components that might have a large user base, in order to increase my visibility. I have been developing iOS ...
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How can I advertise myself?

Advertising has a lot of effect in attracting big clients to a business. Is there a way (conventional or unconventional) to advertise myself as a freelancer so that I can attract good clients and ...
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