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Accounting is defined by the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business.

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Australian citizen living in UK doing remote work for Australian business - what are my tax obligations?

I'm an Australian citizen living in the UK and I work full time and pay tax in the UK. I've been approached by an old friend who has established a consultancy business in Australia and I would be ...
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How to give client a bill for service performend half a year ago?

Around half a year ago, I performed a freelancing service for a client worth just a few hundred dollars. I did it as an individual and he paid me as a company, but I planned(and told him about it) on ...
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Interview questions for Late-Paying clients

I am currently doing a thesis for a company that engage in B2B.The main problem of the company right now is that about 20% (+/- 15 clients) of their clients are constantly paying their invoice late, ...
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How to sell my software online and deal with VAT?

I have just developed a javascript which I am planning to start selling online through my website. However, all the legal procedures I need to take into consideration make even more confused than when ...
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A couple questions about fiverr

I'm planning on starting a fiverr gig soon but I need some clarification on a couple things. When do I have to report earnings? Right away? After a certain amount is made? In terms of taxes which ...
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Questions regarding accounting; can I trust the information? [closed]

I've noticed a few accounting questions here. How dependable are the answers I could expect?
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Is there Bank account good for freelancers?

The idea is to create a bank account having the residence in a different country from the one the bank is based on. So international clients accepted in this bank would be the right thing. I've heard ...
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How should I record/track my freelancing income through an Agent in my Accounting system

If I receive most of my freelancing income through online agents (like Upwork, Freelancer, Elance, etc), and have commission on this income that is automatically deducted through the account I hold ...
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How should I send an invoice to a European country as a freelance developer?

I'm a full time software developer in a US company with H1 visa in Texas, USA. A few weeks ago I developed a small software (for around $6,000) for a European company as a side work (freelance work)....
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What free software are you using for bookkeeping? Why? [closed]

As a freelancer, FreshBooks has traditionally been the 800-pound gorilla but waht other programs are people using the track jobs and revenue (assuming that you are small enough still that you aren't ...
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How do I account for money contributed before bank account opened?

I've basically put in $300 of my own money to Incorporate, purchase initial equipment, etc. Now I have my EIN and a Bank account and bookkeeping software - how do I ensure my owner's equity is ...
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Freelancing intermediary for business invoice

I'm a part time freelancer but don't yet own a business as the work is too sporadic and accounting expenses and paperwork are too much of an overhead for now. I've provided services for someone in ...
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27 votes
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Non-US citizen freelancing in the US remotely

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I've spoken to no fewer than 3 accounting firms - one huge international one here in Sweden and they say they're not allowed to advise on ...
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IP/patent tax box - applicable to software consultancy?

I'm interested to know if I can use this tax mode as a software consultancy company - essentially doing a custom software development in a form of licensing it (instead of selling development hours) ...
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How do I account for adding interest to an unpaid invoice?

I have an agreement signed that I can charge 1.5% for each month the client has not paid. Say I sent out an invoice Jan 1 for $1000 and they haven't paid. Payment is due Feb 1. On Feb 2, I want to ...
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Accounting software that will allow me to sell prepaid blocks of time to clients

I am trying to locate an accounting package that will allow me to sell clients prepaid blocks of time (retainer) for my organizations services and then allow me to give them updated statements showing ...
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Best way to organise & keep track of client data

I do freelancing works, It's getting overwhelming to keep track of client's data like security certificates, encryption keys, numerous passwords, recurring payments & subscriptions. My question is ...
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Which software can I use to do partial / progress invoicing? I.e. "Installment invoicing?"

I own a small photography business. Once the client decides to go with my services, I charge them 50% off the full cost of service, to be paid within 5 days upon agreement. This payment secures their ...
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How to quickly and efficiently create proposals and send invoices?

I am starting a freelance design services business and need to handle project management and billing. I was planning on creating the proposal in Adobe InDesign and then sending the invoice through ...
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Approximate cost of bookkeeping for contractor in Western Europe?

I'm considering contracting in Western Europe, with the most probable target - Germany or Switzerland. I'm making cost analysis, so I'd like to know what is the approximate/average cost of bookkeeping ...
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How much bookkeeping or accounting knowledge is necessary when going freelance?

I have recently been asked how much accounting knowledge someone should have when becoming self-employed. I am somewhat biased since I write accounting software, and so I am afraid of overestimating ...
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Offsetting own labour as 'allowable expenses' when accounting

I'm a web developer. When I buy a Mac I put it down as an allowable expense and receive a tax break on it. When I buy business cards, they go down as an advertising cost. My broadband is an 'office ...
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