I have trouble to get contracts as a freelancer. In every case it ends up with the company want to hire me and dont rent me as a freelancer. The main argument is something like "this is an extreme important role for our company and we want this knowledge be in house"

What is the best way to make sure they will rent me as a freelancer?

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    Simply state you aren;t interested in employee positions but are available for contract positions. – Scott Nov 29 '20 at 23:34

If your services as a freelancer are valuable, it makes sense for the client to prefer to hire you on a permanent basis - so you cannot really blame them for trying.

All you can do is inform them that you are not available for permanent positions. This might get you fired or not hired - and only you can evaluate whether this works out financially for you.

Perhaps you could propose a freelancing role where you mentor an employee to eventually take your place? This seems self-destructive, but if done well - the client might find similar roles for you.

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