Are there any software or project management opportunities that would want someone with very limited hours to give? I'm a stay at home mom - previously python\mobile dev, tech lead, scum certified - and part time tech jobs seem to be non-existent.

I understand why of course, but I wonder if there are any places that might want someone inexpensive and low-maintenance to do limited side tasks - test scripting,for example. With the current economic freefall, seems like a no-overhead employee could be attractive to a small business?

Major job sites don't have opportunities like this. Is there better place to find them or a way to seek out such positions?


  • I've wondered the same thing. There are some positions out there but it seems harder. My impression is it is possible if you can find your own projects (probably mostly smaller clients that don't want to hire someone full time), or look for a consulting team to work with. But this is just my impression, I'm interested in seeing what others have to say who have more experience – RyanQuey May 9 at 23:59

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