I have been a Software developer for 3 years doing Android development and have done 6 months of professional React-Native (Android-iOS) development.

I can not seem to find a freelance Android development job -- because people don't want to pay well enough.

I tried upwork.com, but I was banned from there because I made too many offers and didn't get any customers.

I tried freelancer.com, but at freelancer there are many Indian developers, driving the bids down very low, which lowers the prices.

I tried android groups on Facebook.com, but on those groups, people will not pay enough money. They talk to you about their needs, take my solutions, and then they don't reply or answer when I send them an offer.

So what can I do to find a good freelance job on Android or iOS development? Thanks in advance.


While starting your career on Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer, you need to keep your pricing a bit low at the start as you acquire your first clients. And no one is going to give a large project to someone who is just starting out. Once you have proven yourself with enough clients, you will be able to successfully increase your bidding prices, and they will pay you.

Considering Android and iOS, you should be able to find more than enough work on these platforms if you have good reviews from a few clients. And you should be able to earn a decent paycheck after that, since many other freelancers are earning a good living doing full-time freelancing.

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