I'm looking to get into photography as much as possible this year, but I'm a complete amateur, and therefore haven't found my niche.

I have an idea of the sort of things I want to photograph long term, but they a bit inaccessible to me (they require a bit of experience, plus time and financial requirements) at the moment. But I hope to get there soon.

So to begin with, I'd like to set up an online presence where I can share all of my posts, no matter how random they are. I guess it would be like a 365 project where I can post things and get feedback. This is fine, but I'm not sure how I should brand this at the moment.

I don't particularly want to use my real name, as it's not a serious portfolio - Although I must emphasise that I want to be taken seriously as a photographer. This isn't simply going to be an account where I post snapshots of my day. It's a journal of my path into photography, with the aim of branching off into more focused areas over a period of time.

Any advice on how you should go about doing this effectively?

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