I am working on retainer with a startup that is in the process of bringing their (SaaS) product to market. Aside from the development team building the product itself, I am the only contractor and I've been hired to work on the marketing side of things. They have a few internal resources (the company founders) to help with task here and there, but for all intents and purposes, it's all me.

We're trying to get their corporate website and social media presence launched in conjunction with the product launch. This consists of a Discovery phase mostly to obtain rich data on target audience and develop a branding an messaging platform. A Strategy phase will address UX, define goals/objectives and desired outcomes for the website and SM entities as well as establish a content strategy/plan. And then, of course there's the actual content development, visual design, front & back end dev, testing, etc etc.

This will be a long term relationship with the client, so it's not like I'll be developing the website, handing it off and ending my involvement - I'll be the one keeping it alive moving forward. In light of that, I want to be as efficient and flexible as possible as we start this all from scratch.

I've been through this same process on other projects working with a team of marketing gurus, content specialists, designers and developers (in various roles myself) and working in a mostly lean/Agile way has been quite successful. But being that for this project, I am the whole team, I'm struggling with not having to go mostly in a Waterfall kind of progression for at least the Discovery and Strategy phases.

I'm pretty sure an iterative, sprint-like approach should work fine for the content development/design/dev tasks, but has anyone found a way to conduct the aforementioned Discovery and Strategy tasks in a not-so-waterfall (more lean/Agile) manner when you're the only one working on the project?

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