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Asker: Anyone got any idea how I should approach this challenge?

Responder: This is quite complex but I should be able to solve the problem. I’ll have a look in the next weeks.

Asker: That’s great! To motivate you to look into it, I would gladly offer a reward of $50 in BTC for your efforts should you find the fix for this in the next week!

Responder: You know, I’m like Linda Evangelista, I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day... :smile:

Asker: But well, the way I see it :smiley: 50$ > 0$ :smiley: haha

Best way to respond?

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I, personally, would not feel this is a valid offer in any form. The "asker" is being light-hearted and is absolutely not serious.

If you are serious, you can test by responding with....

I can legitimately solve this for you. My cost will be $100. Are you interested in paying for my services?

With that, things are solidified. If they respond with yes, get contact information and send a formal agreement email/letter/contract. Once they respond to the agreement, then start the work.

Chances are the asker isn't really willing to pay anything.

  1. Is this a complex problem that you would normally charge $50 or less for?
  2. Are there going to be potential gotchas half-way through?
  3. Do you have a formal agreement in place?
  4. How do you verify this person is who they say they are, and are willing to actually pay you if you solve the problem?
  5. Can you solve the problem, but hold off on the solution until you verify the funds in your account?

This casual part sounds like either the Asker is kidding, trying to scam you, or doesn't care much about the solution.

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