I have a consulting business which I advertise through LinkedIn and Google Ads. The ads link to my website and besides various pages of content describing my services, I have a simple web to lead form to capture leads into my CRM.

I used to get spam leads in my Salesforce from companies advertising "lead generation" services ironically! I solved that by restricting leads to those submitted from within my own country only.

I've noticed recently that I sometimes get people (in my own country) who click through my ads and then submit their details on my web to lead form only for me to contact them and find out that instead of being prospective customers interested in my services that they're trying to sell me their product or service!

So I'm basically paying per click on my ads for people who then are trying to approach me to buy their product or service, which seems crazy!

Has anyone had experience with this sort of thing and if so, have you found any useful ways to filter out leads which aren't genuine? Or is this just one of those things and I should suck it up?


if you are still experiencing this issue, some "fake" leads can be removed by utilizing reCaptcha on your forms. Google has their own version for free and I would imagine a big company like salesforce would allow that for their forms. This will filter out 'bots' that are just automatically filling out forms without a human present. I would imagine that would cut down some of your issue.

You can also play with the form... having a required check box that the user has to check if they are buying or selling services.

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