I am using Fiverr for one month but I did not make lots of orders up to now. I think I should improve my gig with some attractive way for the users so what are the key things that can be used to improve my gig to get more jobs. How should I make pricing and what kind of keywords should I use and what kind of images should be in the gallery.


As a beginner, try to keep your prices low, but not so low that its gives off an image of low quality. Add all the keywords that are relevant to your services. Also, along with keeping your images and description clear yet catchy, try adding proofs of your capabilities. For this, Fiverr allows you to take tests for different domains. You can also add certifications, if any.

Like other freelancing websites, Fiverr has now also given the option of bidding, called buyer requests. In this way, you can look up for a job that you think is appropriate for you and apply for it, rather than waiting for the buyers to come to you.
You can find the complete details here.

  1. Create a nice Profile, with a professional profile image, focused description.

  2. Create Attractive gig. With a nice gig image, proper gig descriptions. Add previous work samples. Add gig tags related to your service.

  3. At the beginning try to offer small/split services.

  4. Stay online, maximum time that is possible.

  5. You can try Buyer Request. But for the new updates, BR job posts are limited for sellers without any level.

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