I am a UK-based self-employed consultant, not registed for VAT An EU-based client wants EU VAT number otherwise they won't pay If I register for the number, is it just a paperwork hassle, or do I have any other duties? Can I de-register later? It's only for this one contract and I do not intend do use it - no VAT is charged on my services

  • Can you check with them if they are happy with your tax id alone? I freelanced for my German employer, and they were fine with just tax id. – VarunAgw Jul 15 '19 at 22:32

The way I understand it VAT number in EU serves as EU-wide tax id. There is a VAT number database where you can check the validity of counter party VAT number. In Czechia you are required by law to acquire VAT number no longer than a month after you issue your first invoice to an EU counter party. I suggest you check your regulations as you might be required to get one anyway.

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