If I'm an EU-citizen and want to work in Switzerland as contractor, what should I do, if I have company registered in EU?

  1. Can I work in Switzerland as contractor and invoice my client company as EU-registered company? Or I'm required to register company in Switzerland?

  2. If registering a company in Switzerland is required, do I need special permission from Swiss government to do that?

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I am not a lawyer or an expert on the issue, but it would be very strange if a company in a reputable Western country X (i.e. not under embargo or similar) could not provide services to and bill a company in a reputable Western country Y. If a Swiss company wants to import goods from abroad, does the company they're buying from need to register a company in Switzerland? Sounds unlikely.

If the deal requires you to work on-site, you might need to get a work permit, depending on how long you'll stay in the country.

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    The difference is, when you are working as contractor, your domicile is on the territory of that country. And usually each country requires that their residents pay taxes by them. May 22, 2013 at 20:36

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