I have multiple websites, mainly in Wordpress, that I manage and I need to share the details of those sites and everything about the customer's online presence in a centralized location with the person I do freelance web development for. Right now we're using individual spreadsheets for each client in Dropbox, but it's getting a bit cumbersome to keep everything up-to-date so I was wondering if anyone has any other solutions they're using to track these sorts of things.

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There are a number of Ticketing System packages that would allow you to maintain information via tickets. All would be centrally located, you could secure access, and even have alerts when something were changed.


Why not using git to track versions, branches, changes? Works fine for any ASCII-file, like code including HTML, CSS etc.

You can also enter binaries, BUT can‘t easily compare and find differences/changes with git alone.

Git and tracking systems often come together. Github is an example for that synthesis.

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