I want my own quiz application on android, with just about 50 multiple choice questions.

How much should I pay to the developer?

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From the information you provided:

  • Your app does just ask 50 multiple choice questions,
  • has no user accounts or logins,
  • does not validate or
  • visualize or
  • send this data anywhere,
  • the questions never change
  • and I naughtily assume you are going to publish it on the play store...

If these really are the parameters of the app(winkwink!), congratulations, you got yourself a cheap one.

  • One hour for hacking down 50 Strings,
  • One hour for coding and clicking together the UI
  • Some time to make it look nice
  • Some time to write descriptive/meta texts for the Play Store
  • Some time to publish it, set things up.

This is comfortably doable in a day, half that if you don't like your contractor.

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