Fiverr has partnered with Getty Images to offer licensed stock images. I'm planning to implement this in one of my gigs. But I need some clarifications. Expecting answers from those who have made use of this feature:

  • Type of license: Getty Images has stated that they offer 3 types of licence models: royalty-free (“RF”), rights-ready (“RR”) and rights-managed (“RM”). I’ve gone through Fiverr ToS and Help Article, nowhere it’s stated what type of license does the buyer gets when he purchase Getty stock image through Fiverr!

  • Editing: From Fiverr ToS: You may not…, modify… Suppose the buyer has ordered the image for his graphic designing needs, does this mean graphic design seller whom he hired can’t edit the image?

  • Commercial Use: Can the buyer use the stock image for commercial use?

I tried contacting Fiverr before and they told me to contact Getty Images, which I did. It's been more than 4 months, till now I've not got any reply from them. I tried contacting them multiple times. Maybe because I'm not a Getty Images user!

  • This is not a support site for Fiver.. you should contact them if you need assistance with their site. – Scott Jan 10 at 7:25
  • Yes, I know. But I hope there are Fiverr sellers here. And I'm expecting help from those who've experience with this. – Clicker Jan 10 at 7:30

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