I’m looking for technical writing rates (or guidelines to make my own rate) for a voice-over script writing, (the monologue spoken by a narrator of a screencast), the rates should be set per hour/video, not hour/work, nor word/script.

I've found a rate table from the Editorial Freelancers Association but the most similar type of work to "Voice-over Script" is "Technical/Trade", rated in $50-$60 per hour or 45¢-55¢ by word.

I've discovered the Editorial Freelancers Association website through an article about how much to charge for a freelance writing work, but though the article is very detailed about it, doesn't take in count the rate hour/video, which I think it's kind of strange or unusual (considering the few articles I've read about). Other articles on the topic looks pretty much the same: How Much Should I Pay a Freelance Writer? and Average Freelance Writer Hourly Pay.

Thanks in advanced.

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