I am a freelancer in the design field for a while and now I want to go deeper with this profession but in the field of the blockchain.

I feel this is a special and potential job so I want to invest time in projects related to the blockchain.

However, because I'm new, I still do not know how to attract clients in this area.

Can you share your experience for me?


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Prospects in that space are likely to be technically capable, though could just as likely be entrepreneurial hopefuls. Either way, they'll likely consider outright pitches spam. Because of this, I'd try especially hard to differentiate any offers from the typical format used by outsourcing spammers. Don't over-explain an offer. Keep it really brief.

If you need a portfolio, you could contact blockchain entrepreneurs with poor sites or logos and ask if they need help.

Otherwise and as well as, you'll want to build a personal brand in the space. Get on mailing lists or engage on social media. If you have an easy to remember business or personal name, avatar, etc then after a while people will become familiar with you. In any footer/profile/etc be sure to clearly outline what you do and what you want them to do. "I specialise in site design for blockchain entrepreneurs. Need free feedback on your project?" or similar. That at least gets you into a personal conversation.

Once you have projects under your belt, others in the space will notice footer credits or, if your work is especially good, hear about what you can do.

As far as I know, startup companies need the UX designers. Design thinking promotes user research to develop empathy for users and validated learning through rapid prototype testing and iteration. This solutions-based design process helps product teams mitigate the risk of launching a product that no one wants or knows how to use. It also results in experiences that are more accessible and engaging and ultimately can lead to greater adoption.

The IBM Blockchain Design Team has also proposed several UX best-practices when ‘designing for trust’ — including consistent UI and iconography, jargon-free language to communicate more directly with users.

UX design principles can help create an intuitive user experience that does not require background knowledge or extensive explanation.

Social networks built on a blockchain can’t rely only on a value proposition of allowing users control over their data to grow their user base — they need to have amazing UX to compete with Facebook or Twitter.

You should create a quality profile which has your previous experience. Then you choose a suitable project then marketing for your brand like show them the way you solve their projects. Be patient, try to do all steps again till you see the result.

Well, in my opinion, you need to define what you are offering, explain your service exactly what they’re looking for. If you are serious with your freelance work, you should open your website, show what you did and could do in it, call share your website from your relationship, friends or family. Joining in events which relate to your job to expend the network.

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Read this and you will know how you can improve your profile: https://medium.com/@getdoneofficial/how-to-create-a-getdones-profile-fast-and-effectively-b43728459424

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