I'm starting to design from 2012 and I have made some design for some event (I'm the committee of the event) and sometimes I created it in my spare time. But, why can I get some money from it so I don't have to get money from my parents anymore (I am a college student now). Is there any tips for me to get some client so I can get paid from it? Big thanks

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Would you hire someone with your exact skills for a job? If no, then it means you have to improve your abilities. If yes, then you may get a job soon.

If you are good enough try finding jobs via freelancing sites, forums, facebook groups, even Craiglists.

Be persistent and provide good quality and in a year your parent will start asking money from you.

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You can start by:

  • Talking to people close to you. Tell them what you want to help others with and ask if they know anyone who needs that. For example: creating a logo, designing a slide presentation, etc. Something that is aligned with your skills.
  • There are online freelancing websites where there are lots of jobs you can bid on. They usually don't pay that much but they can be a gateway to get experience. You can try Upwork, Fiverr, Freelance.com .
  • You can improve your portfolio by helping good causes, like a nonprofit or a community you feel drawn to. Talk to them and offer to help in exchange for a testimonial if they like your work. Then you can put those on your website and start your reputation.

Best of luck!

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